A trip to Kerala: an anniversary gift that made us fall in love

Certain moments in life are forever cherished throughout where we always feel like looking back and smiling at it. One such moment for me had been made from the honeymoon journey that had been gifted to me and my husband by our parents.
An arranged marriage for sure needs a lot of time together which is probably why in a month, we were sent to Kerala for our tour. The journey had us bound wherein we had been travelling all the way for our Kerala tour packages from Delhi. It was quite a long journey where we had a transit in Bangalore.
And when we had reached, almost half a day was over and the driver picked the tired us from the Cochin international airport.
As per his word, we had been travelling to a hotel with a ‘view’ where we could have a romantic in for the night. Even though in the first go I thought that he had just been exaggerating, it turned to be my precious night.
We had a sea view honeymoon suite and Marine drive was right in front of us. It was almost evening and we had been looking forward to freshening up and getting down for a walk.
Cochin was quite a busy place just like Delhi and quite a lot of people had been at the Marine drive when we had climbed down for the walk. Apparently, there was some event at the Subhash park as per the hotel reception that they said we could be visiting in case we were interested. the walk along the pathway was way too enjoyable where most of the people there began drifting to the event and hardly few people had been there.
My husband surprised me with a ring where he said that he had fallen out on proposing me. This is indeed why I am always going to remember Kerala for not just making it our honeymoon destination but also for making it a place where he asked me and I said yes. After spending a long time by the sea, we got back to the hotel and had some good food.
 alleppey honeymoon.jpg
The next day we were driven to Alapuzha which was our official first place for honeymoon sightseeing. we indeed ended up with a 4-hour driver that took us to the waters where we had been looking out for a houseboat on which a cruise had been booked for 12 hours. The place is extremely rich with all the greenery that surrounded the lake and the boat approaching us excited both of us.
We got inside and on taking a walk inside, we felt more at home as there was a bedroom, a bathroom and a small kitchen space. But our favourite turned out to be the sightseeing spot where they had put up a sofa sitting on which we enjoyed the cool breeze. It was a silent and smooth journey where 12 hours just flew by.
We were pretty much treated as honeymooners itself where the guide inside gave us enough privacy and also fed us with the welcome drinks and amazing Kerala meals with fish curry. We stopped at an Island named Pathiramanal where we walked like hippies in search of fancy birds which we were told, resided on the island.
The sunset was simply heartwarming where the sun got down to the lake and it was time for us to get down as well. The night stay had been booked in a lake view hotel and we were pretty much falling in love with the beautiful places that were being set as accommodations for us. An entirely different day was hence marked in our life by the backwaters.
The next stop for us was in another 4-hour drive where we got to the nature hub of Munnar. It was quite cold where I could feel his shivers on holding hands. It felt like we had been in the winter of Delhi but in a smogless and traffic less place.
We reached a viewpoint from where we sipped some hot tea and enjoyed all the tea plantations that had been in front of us. It was all foggy and hence the driver had been driving slow.
We reached a point from where we were asked to get down and the driver said that on walking a short distance we would reach the ticket counter for Top Station.
It was all fog and all that we could see was fog. But with the belief of something else waiting for us at the other end we began walking down the steps. In around 15 minutes we got to the viewpoint.
A number of couples had been there sitting and talking with a view right in front of them. I felt like we had been somewhere in the sky because of all the fog. It was all quite dreamy and before more fog surpassed us, we walked back which took quite a lot of time.
It was already dark and the driver took us to a street where quite a number of shops had been put up. we walked around and gobbled some hot bhajjis and got few packets of homemade chocolates. And then we got to a resort which was again with the view of the hills.
An amazing dinner was set up for us where we had candles and flowers along with totally good food. The final day of our journey, we took our way to destinations like Lakkom waterfalls and Eravikulam National Park. While in the former place we had a treat for eyes in the form of a small pristine fall, in the latter place we had been walking through the forests of Kerala.
And it all turned out to be the best when we had much of what is fun in the water and at the same time got to spot Nilgiri Thar and deer grazing along the grasslands.  We had just never got enough of the drive as even when we were bound to Cochin to catch our flight back to Delhi.
In around 14 hours we had reached back after our Kerala tour packages from delhi after our trip. It has only been a week since we have got back from the place but already, I consider it to be the best that has ever happened to me. The pictures were all that remained but glad were we both for those days of our lives.

A Road Trip Through the Enthralling Paradise on Earth

Kerala is a paradise where the travellers need not dig deep to explore as the existing places make the best destinations for visit. On walking through the meadows in this abundantly green region, the travellers get to trace their lives back to the time where the lands they lived were adorned by nature. As one comes to this place on the Economic and cheapest Kerala Tour Package, they are taken through the wonderments that nature has got to offer them. The scenery is top notch and each sight is a scenic delight to the eyes of the travellers. All the fourteen districts in Kerala has a lot of sites that are perfect for touring during weekends. And for an elongated vacation, the people can travel through various destinations with their family and friends.  My journey through Kerala was one such where I got to explore the places as well as the most famous food of the destination. My journey was based on two destinations of Kerala which was Alleppey and Kottayam.


Very less did I know about this state when I had set off on a trip to Kerala. Dream Kerala Holidays had helped me in getting everything that I wanted on a Solo trip through the place. On landing at the International airport in Kochi, I was taken to the nearest hotel where I freshened up. I was also given the Keys to my bullet on which I had planned to ride through the most beautiful land. By noon, I left to Alleppey which took me approximately an hour and a half to reach. In between, I had taken a small break at Kumbalam which is situated on the way. The water bound region was a fascination to me due to which I stopped there to enjoy the beautiful place. The coconut trees and other agriculture in the place added more beauty to the region. One can never get enough of capturing moments from these places as they always have something new that adds to the beauty of the locations. Like the usual tradition of all the tourists travelling to Alleppey, I also got straight into a houseboat which I had booked for my cruise through the Vembanad Lake. In some time I went to the bedroom, changed into comfortable clothes and came to the sitting room from where I got to see the lake in its purest form. I sat down to relax where the boat operator had been there handling the houseboat. In some time, he began talking to me which I could understand slightly. As I belonged to Delhi, I was not really familiar with Malayalam. Since he slightly knew Hindi, I was able to catch up with him who had been trying hard to tell me about the place. Meanwhile, the cook also joined us who was good at Hindi. He had come to know what I would like to eat. The most famous food served here is the authentic Kerala seafood which is known to be spicy.

kerala (1)

He would be getting all the ingredients that I want to eat from the village where we had stopped for an evening walk through the place. Since I wanted to experiment new food, I asked him to serve me the tastiest fish in the spiciest form with rice in the typical Kerala style. All three of us walked out of the boat through the way and the place had been busy. The local tenders had been selling off their products in cheap rates and the villagers had been walking around the place. Some tourists were also among them who had been buying handicrafts from the adjoining shops. I took some vague pictu8res of the activities here to post them on Instagram. At least for all my friends of Delhi, it would be a very different sight. On coming on an affordable Kerala tour package from Delhi, people get to witness entirely different life happening in the village. The most important factor was peace.  In some time, I walked back to the boat and started cruising again. The sun was almost to set and I was waiting in awe to see this sight. And it was worth the wait when the sun started to slide into the lake. I captured this beautiful sight into my phone. As the night approached, the moon got down showing reflections in the lake. I had already asked the cook to get me some fresh toddy as well as I had seen the people tapping toddy. I asked him to get me the unfermented pure output. He served that to me along with some fried spicy prawns. I was already happy that I decided to come here. We reached an Island named Pathiramanal where we did not get down as the night had fallen. I could hear the sounds of the birds there which was all mixed up. Some insects that had been there glowing. The cook said that it was a usual thing that could be seen in the place. The night went in hogging all the amazing food he served to me. If I was not talking, I was eating and the place was the heaven of my dreams. I went to the bedroom and woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise. We were almost to reach the point where we had started. In some time I thanked the people who had been the best hosts and walked to my bike that had been there waiting for me.

I started my ride to Kottayam and the weather had been great in the morning. As monsoon was the prevailing season, I could expect rain at any point as well. I stopped at an Indian Coffee House on the way for some breakfast. A lot of dishes had been there and seemed to be quite cheap as well. I ordered some Puri-Bhajji and a coffee along with some cutlets. The cutlets came first along with a special sauce which was lip-smacking. In some time, hot food was served right in front of me as well. I had been watching all the plates that the bearers had been carrying which contained Dosa, Idli and Vada.  In some time, I got to the place that had my bike.  And I rode through the way and went to Kottayam. In some time I reached the Elaveezhapoonchira which was where I had decided to trek through the place. When at Kerala, it is always mandatory that the person goes to one of the hill stations located here. There were three trails, Mankunnu, Kodayathoormala and Thonippara. I decided to trek for an hour up to the place as I  had time limitations. Some trek enthusiasts had been there who had come with all necessary things to hike and tent in the place. In some time, probably due to the heavy food I had consumed, I was tired. But the place gave me an out of the world feel. The temperature was cold and the grassland was wet. In fact, nature was there in the purest form. After hogging some amazing vegetarian food for lunch, I went to the Poonjar Palace.

Poonjar Palace

The engravings and chandeliers from the ancient past had been there which were of high significance.  Madurai Meenakshi Temple was also located there where I got to see rock-cut lamps. The next day I was supposed to return back to Kochi and my flight was at midnight. So I spend my night at Kottayam in a hotel that had been previously booked. Early in the morning, I set off to Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall which is again located at Kottayam.  I wanted to make sure that I got to see at least one of the scenic waterfalls located in Kerala.  It was a small waterfall which had been gushing due to the rain that had come in the morning. The beauty of the landscape was something that added to the beauty of the waterfalls. I set off after successfully completing my best Kerala Tour Package with price. The place was more than sheer bliss. One can never get enough of aura from nature here. I was sure that I would return in order to see the north of this place sometime soon.

Enticing honeymoon in the paradise on earth





  Kerala is one of the most beautiful lands to the south of India which is rich in natural beauty and tourist destination of interest. The land with its abundance of history and natural beauty attracts a number of tourists to the land. Apart from being one of the best traveller’s destinations, Kerala is also a land known to be a paradise for the honeymooners. Kerala is a land with a number of honeymoon destinations which is fascinating and breathtaking. The misty hill stations, the backwater destinations and the wilderness that attracts the couples the most, making Kerala the paradise for couples. A number of couples who wish to enjoy their honeymoon in the lap of nature with a perfect climate and breathtaking destinations avail different Romantic Kerala trip honeymoon packages to the land. One of the important and primary reasons for couples to choose Kerala to be the honeymoon destination is due to the presence of hill stations and backwater destinations that fascinates the couples and allows them to spend some romantic time in the lap of nature. Some of such well-known honeymoon destinations in Kerala are:

Chembra Peak: The peak is one of the highest in Wayanad with the most beautiful heart shaped lake located half way to the top of the peak. The place is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala. The lake is said to have water in it through the year making it a perennial one. The only way to reach to the peak is by trekking which is an adventure sport that could be enjoyed by the couples. The trekking trail passes through a dense forest to reach the peak after visiting the heart lake.  The lake and the surrounding are mostly covered in mist making it one of the best destinations for couples where they can enjoy the nature with privacy.



The place with its natural beauty and freezing climate attract a number of tourists to the land apart from being one of the best honeymoon destinations of the land the peak is also a well-known trekking destination.

Tree house facing Waterfalls: Athirappally is one such destination which is not much visited or explored by the travellers and one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Kerala. One of the major attractions of Athirapally is the presence of a tree house resort which provides the best view of the unique combat, roar and sight of the roaring waterfalls amidst the forests with separation and seclusion. Travellers can sit out in the rich green lawn present in the resort and enjoy the nature and the natural beauty with the setting sun far to the falls.



Travellers can also enjoy the majestic view of the falls while enjoying a swim in the resort pool that is facing the falls at a distant. This tourist destination is one of the hidden gems which could be most enjoyed by the newly wedded couples. The tree house that faces the waterfall is one of the main attractions of the place other than the majestic falls and the mountains which are perfect for trekking.

Tea Gardens: Tea gardens are one of an integral part of Kerala. The land has a number of hill stations with tea plantations making the place one of the best destinations for natural beauty. The aroma combined with the beauty of the valleys filled in the plantations sets in a different ambience of the place. One of the main attractions of the place is the sight of the greener and the mist covered valley which would act as the perfect destination for nature photography. Travellers, with great interest in nature and its beauty the tea plantations of Munnar. Apart from the tea plantation, Munnar is a place with a number of other tourist destinations. Hill stations, viewpoints, suicide points, forest, waterfalls and much more are some of the main attractions of the land other than the tea plantations.




The climate of the place is one of the major factors that attract a number of tourist and travellers to the land. The place is also a well-known destination for the adventure seekers, bird watchers, honeymooners and nature lovers. With its nature and natural beauty, the place is one of the hot spots for tourism in Kerala where a number of tourists visit the place availing different Cheapest kerala tour packages offered and organized by different tour operators like Dream Holidays


Houseboat Cruise: Backwaters and houseboat cruise one of the major attraction of the pace. Kumarakom is one such destination in Kerala which is known for the presence of the most beautiful backwaters of Kerala. You can take a cruise through the backwaters in Kumarakom to experience the beauty and of the waters, paddy fields and numerous coconut plantations. A number of couples visit the place to enjoy the beauty of the romantic moonlit waters, the lush green paddy fields and plantations.



  One of the main attractions of the backwaters of Kerala is the boats that take the tour of the place.  Apart from the tour, the houseboats offer different entertainment activities mainly traditional dance forms to entertain the travellers. Traditional breakfast with special cuisine filled with the flavours of the land add up to the excitement of the day. Summer is the time of humidity where a number of tourists visit the place making the backwaters of the place overcrowded whereas the monsoon brings in low business and stormy climate which is the best time to taste the flavours of the land enjoying the climate and nature.

Rocky Promenade of Kovalam: The rocky seashore in Kovalam is one of the best places where you could enjoy the day with the one you love. The rocky sea shores of the place literally belong to the novels and in the pages of romantic mills. One of the main attractions of the place is the presence of a rocky land that stretches out to the sea and creates a bay that is perfect for a bath in the calm waters of the sea. A number of visitors and honeymooners visit the place to explore and enjoy the cliff top, fishing villages, cultural show, and stroll through beachfront highlands of the place. Travellers can also explore the land by rock climbing and enjoy the view from the lighthouse lining the ArabianSea



    Spending a day touring in the land is something that the honeymooners from different states of the country enjoy. A number of honeymooners visit the beach mainly from places within the country like Delhi, to enjoy and explore this beauty of the waters and nature. A number of tour operators offer Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi including destinations like Kovalam to let them enjoy the day with privacy in the laps of nature. The place holds a number of resorts where couples could enjoy their honeymoon experiencing the Sunbathing, swimming, herbal body massages, cultural programs like Kathakali and much more. The place is the best where one could enjoy the best of honeymoon with adventure and relaxation.

Heritage Streets of Fort Kochi: Fort Kochi is one of the best tourist destinations in Ernakulam which is the best for shopping. The historic ambience and the colonial charm of the place make it the best romantic and cultural get away. The jetty of the place is one of the main attractions of the place which fascinates a number of travellers, visitors and honeymooners with its ancient Chinese fishing net and views of the Harbour. The place is the best filled with a number of street shops and Dhaba which exhibits the true colour of the place.  The land has a number of historical destinations which would fascinate the visitors with its charming art and architectural style.



  These are some of the best honeymoon destination in the land which builds in the paradise for the couples. Kerala with its immense beauty and numerous destinations is now one of the best tourist destinations in the land. For traveller and honeymooners who wish to spend their day in the lap of nature exploring and enjoying the adventure of the land, Kerala is a perfect choice. The land with its immense natural resources provides the travellers with the best experience in the land.