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Kerala is idyllic for adventure trip as a place scattered with rivers, beaches and hills. Trekking, camping in hills, rock climbing, and water-based adventure activities like kayaking, canoeing and yachting are trendy adventure activities in Kerala. Plan your thrilling adventure trips like cheapest kerala tour packages together with DreamHolidays and make fun with nature.



Kerala is an admired tourist destination for Surfing devotees in India and Kannur, Kovalam and Varkala are among the greatest destinations to surf in India. January also February is the perfect months to surf in Kerala when you get the best swell size for waves. For any surfer in the world, a wave with no one else on it to surf is a priceless occurrence and that is what makes Kerala an exclusive surfing destination.


South-west monsoon is perfect for aero sports in Kerala during the seven months post, since wind nature and quality are conventional and is suitable for adventure enthusiasts who are looking to experience paragliding in  kerala honeymoon packages with airfare. Paragliding is a sport in which the pilot can fly a small fry, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft in air from peak of hills and flies over plains and the pilot flies from under a harness hanging below a light weight wing.

Bamboo Rafting


Bamboo rafting occur the rivers could give a more serene atmosphere form of adventure on the waters as the visitors get to enjoy the enchantingly striking forests and outlook the various arboreal animals. The Bamboo rafting adventure can go for as long as nine hours and so provide a complete chilled experience. Indeed, Kerala provide any guests and experience to memorize through bamboo rafting in Thekkady had been carry out by tribals who inhabited the destination which was once the precious Periyar Wildlife sanctuary.

Mountain Climbing


Mountain climbing an activity that readily catches the attention of many eyes. It is a well-known fact that mountain climbing is a mentally challenging and fitness building sport but it can also be so much amusing. The accessibility of mountain climbing spots in Kerala guarantees kerala tour packages from delhi that the adventure is as intense as you want it to be even as keep the element of fun. Normally it takes a full day to climb the mountain and so quite a number of arrangements have to go into it such as the use of repellants and feeding plans.



Mountain climbing one challenging task for those who however have the fear of heights or are just not up to, there are also trekking tricks which can be arranged to go on for days so as to ensure that guests enjoy the forests totally. Cooking and sleeping will be done in the lap of jungle and the secrecy filled forests of Kerala will be take pleasure in during this adventure.



Water bodies for those who prefer the sight of the rivers and are much more at home, the canoeing and  best kerala packages offers Kayaking chances in backwaters of Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kannur get many guests instantly excited as the Kerala culture and cuisine gets to be experienced totally even while being on a kayaking journey.

Catamaran Sailing


Small often wooden vessel with twin hulls joined together the beautiful catamaran, which usually situate across the backwaters of Kerala. The words ‘Catamaran’ actually originate from the Tamil word “Kattu Maram”, meaning wooden logs and was used in South India in battles during the ancient days. Motorized catamarans are also used to create great impact on adventure tourism in Kerala and dissimilar a boat or houseboat travelling in a Catamaran is a brave effort to conquer with water.

Para Motoring

Para motoring put a paraglider pilot free from the control of being on a mount to launch and also abolish the restrictions of climate parameters and for lot of would be flyers, this is a chance to study Kerala’s green, god’s-own-country landscape from the air. Para motors come in various sizes, each with slightly opposed capabilities. Initially, there are the foot-launched para motors and the para motor trikes. Some of his little trikes bear a maximum of 16 liters of petrol and can even keep on airborne for up to seven hours with one individual on board. With two people the alike machine can stay in the air for about three hours.

Bull Races or Maramadi

During the post-harvest season Maramadi or Bull Races is held every year in Kerala. Not like the Spanish bull fights, Maramadi occur in paddy fields after the harvest. Each team in Maramadi consists of three instructors and two bulls and human masters have the significant role of guiding the bulls during the race. Bulls are bred and raised specifically for the idea of running in Maramadi competitions. They are healthy fed and groomed, and on the big day they are bedecked in bright colors and have their horns painted.

Tree House Stay


Inside forests and on the top of the mountains Kerala also has exquisitely designed tree houses. Most of the tree houses are managed by owners who are passionate about eco friendly nature and have balconies that attribute display of the neighboring forest, creating the genuine experience to immerse in nature.

Para Sailing

During beaches and sea side resorts Parasailing is a water sport commonly indulged. The sailor is strapped to a parachute which in turn is involved by a harness to a motor boat or some such tiny vessel. From October to March this is the peak season to enjoy the stunning para sailing experience in kerala tourism honeymoon packages. During this period that comes after monsoon, the skies are clearing cut and cloudless and the temperature and flow of wind is just model to enjoy para sailing. The water in the sea is also tranquil and placid and you have a superior experience.

Jeep Safari


Through dense green vegetation or thick forests and aromatic spice plantations Jeep Safari covers travelling in an open jeep and is available for a small payment in home stays, resorts and plantation bungalows in Kerala. This can also be joint as a starting event with Jungle patrol and Night Patrol.


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