Kerala Rivers: The Uninhibited Flow Of Beauty


We all know each and every living thing in the world depends on water in many aspects.  We can’t  live  even a day without  water. The major resources of water is Rivers, Lakes, Rain, Streams etc. Kerala is the land of green and blues. The blue is due to the presence of Rivers, beaches, streams etc. We can visit all the 44 Rivers and the nearby tourist places  by selecting a suitable Kerala travel packages.  41 Rivers in Kerala are flowing towards west and the remaining three namely; Kabani, Bhavani, Pambar are flowing towards east. Rivers are the primary sources that supplies drinking water to several towns in Kerala and also they are the major contributors in the production of electricity.

Periyar River:


The longest river in Kerala is the the Periyar river- ‘The Lifeline Of Kerala’. The main tributaries of  Periyar is Edamala, Muthirapuzha, Cheruthoni, Mullayar, Perinjankutti. A lots of Industrial units are working near to the Periyar.  The largest hydro electric power project called Idukki Hydro Electric Project is established here. A well managed Kerala tour packages from Delhi  can help you to visit the longest  river and the nearby attractions like birth place of Sankaracharya- Kalady, Thattekadu Bird Sanctuary, Thekkady and lot more.

Bharathapuzha River:


Bharathapuzha – ‘The Nila river’, is the second longest river in Kerala. It is considered  as The Nile of Kerala , that’s why the name ‘Nila’. The major tributaries are Thuthapuzha, Gayathripuzha, Kalpathipuzha and Kannadipuzha. Malampuzha Dam, Wayalar Dam, Pothundi Dam, Chulliyar Dam etc are built across Bharathapuzha. Kerala Kalamandalam, birth place of Kunchan Nambiar- Killikurissi mangalam, Thiruvilwamala Temple, Thirunavaya Temple etc are the places nearer to this river and you can visit all  these place including the gorgeous river by choosing a reputed Kerala holiday packages. Thus we can enjoy the cultural heritage of Bharathapuzha awesomely.

Pamba River:


Pamba river also renowned as ‘Dhakshina Ganga’, is considered as the holy river of Hindu devotees. Pamba water purifies people from their curse and evil. Devotees without any religious consideration, bath in the holy river Pamba before hiking the famous Sabarimala temple. The well Known Edathua church is located on the banks of river Pamba in Kuttanad. Aranmula is a place which is entirely unique for its culture and beauty which is on the banks of Pamba. Aranmula is a place which is famous for the Aranmula mirror,  Aranmula ‘VallomKali’ and Aranmula ‘Vallom Sadya’.

Chaliyar River:

Fourth longest river in Kerala is the Chaliyar river which is renowned as “The Beypore river”. The river flows through Wayanad, Malappuram and Kozhikode district. It is said that Chaliyar river doesn’t get dried up during the drought season. Thusharagiri, Kakkayam, Beypore, Kallai river, Kalipoika, Mananchira square etc are the nearby places to visit while travelling to Chaliyar.

Chalakkudi River:


Chalakkudi river mainly flows through Ernakulam, Palakkad and Thrissur district of Kerala. Thousands of people living on the river side depends on the water from this river for their daily needs. The best time to visit Chalakkudi is December to March. Chalakkudi is blessed with its natural scenic beauty and refreshing climate. This river is on the way to Athirappally and Vazhachal water falls which are the famous tourist spots in Kerala. Dream world water theme park,  Thumboormuzhy check dam and garden, oil  palm plantation, Ezhattumukham, Charpa falls, Anakkayam, Peringalkoothu hydro electric project, Parambikulam wild life sanctuary etc are nearby places of Chalakkudi river.

Neyyar River:

Neyyar river starts flowing  from  Agastyamala of  Trivandrum district in Kerala. Neyyar dam is built across this river. Neyyar dam is one of the famous tourist spots in Trivandrum.  The major attraction of Neyyar dam is the Lion Safari park ,Crocodile Breeding Center, Deer park and the Watch tower. A well maintained garden and Swimming pools attracts childrens as well as all other peoples. The nearby Neyyar wild life sanctuary is a habitat of varieties of animals and birds,  Elephant , tiger , leopard, snakes etc. A thrilling tour packages in Kerala to Neyyar can be selected during September to May months which is the suitable visiting time.

Kallada River:

Boat Race ( Vallamkali 0r Jalolsavam ) on the Chaliyar River , Kerala

Kallada river is flowing through the Kollam district. Kulathupuzha , Chenthuruni, Kalthuruthipuzha are the tributaries of Kallada river. A hanging bridge and the Thenmala dam is built across this river. Thenmala is an eco tourism spot which is the first planned ecotourism project in India.  Palaruvi waterfalls is in this river where, a lots of visitors  come frequently. Kallada boat race is conducted in every year on this river.

If we need a break and to take rest, then surely sleep in the nature’s lap. The cool breeze, the green forest , the flowing water, the music of birds and the nature; everything gives a refreshment to your mind and body.


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