Top hills of green where prayers are chanted, look down from Vagamon hills

 After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.
        -Nelson Mandela


Trek up the hills of Vagamon, the enchanter hills that make you go in a trance once up on the hills. Comprised of beautiful series of hillocks, cascading waterfalls and valleys make it an ideal gateway for tourism. The amazing slice of Kottayam district can assist in transforming your tour days to the most enjoyable one. The travel to the location of Vagamano, at the border of Idukki-Kottayam is ravishing as one will come across the mist covered zigzag roads that wind up the hills, take a walk along the narrow roads to experience true bliss of travel. You can choose from the list to do what here ranging from trekking, paragliding or rock climbing. The hill remains friendly to you throughout the trek offering a unique and different environ in comparison to other hill station of Kerala. The most astounding feature of these hills is that it could captivate the minds of the most religious people who have selected Vagamon as their abode of spiritual activities which is presently evident as three religious pilgrims on the top.

These three chain of beautiful hills are Thangal hill, Kurisumala, and Murugan hill. These portraits the curious blend of religious mysticism transforming the hills into a haven of equanimity. Visit vacation can fulfill your zest for Pilgrim tour and these shrines on same hills stand as an epitome of religious harmony. Get the cheapest tour packages to Kerala from Dream Holidays to arrange a travel to Vagamon as well as other popular tourist attraction of Kerala. Try out the following hills and mark the rejoice of travel. Trekking is the best activity once you are the land of green meadows being compared as ‘Scotland of India’. The vicinity boasts of a nice weather all throughout the year and as a result attracts travellers in huge numbers, mostly honeymooners. Vast expanses of lush greenery, gushing waterfalls, winding roads and thick pine forests make Vagamon a really perfect romantic vacation spot.




A place of religious significance to Muslims, Thangal hill can be approached from Vagamon with just 5 kilometers of travel down the Elappara route. Thronged by decent numbers of devotees as well as tourists, the Hill presents the watch of a big spherical rock along with a tomb of a Sufi saint named Husrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba, from Afghanistan who has come from Afghanistan to Kerala about 800 years ago. When he visited the place, he was on a horse with 40 followers who stayed here and many preached his teachings. People believe that the huge rock was used by the saint to grind his plan. Below the rock there is a mosque where annually a festival is celebrated, Uroos held in April. Thousands gather the place during this period and offer their prayers. A special sweet dish named Gajjusakar is made and distributed to the devotees. The surrounding view is literally amazing as the hills are 1100 meters above sea level. 




Murugan hills are small hills around 8 kilometers from the Vagamon town and placed on the eastern side of Kurisumala adorned with a temple of Lord Murugan, portraying an excellent example of rock cut temple. The temple is erected using a single rock and visited many tourists every year. Trek and visit the temple after which get engrossed in the cool breeze with a mesmerizing view of the surrounding. Best place for nature lovers and avid photographers. Honeymoon couples can enjoy best here by spending some tranquil moments when they are on their Romantic Kerala tourism honeymoon packages. Seeking blessings from the Lord and click some snaps of the amazing architecture on the rock. Best time to visit is from October to April, after monsoons as the weather is pleasant and rocks will not be tough enough.




People move to this hill to seek peace and spiritual thoughts.  A significant Christian pilgrim center especially for Catholics, the Kiurushumla monastery is the place for Christian followers as well as those who follow Gandhian principles. The name itself signifies the meaning as ” The mountain of holy cross”. The monastery is belonging to the Syro-Malankara Catholic church, visited by devotees of all region. The spot is perfect for a meditation and the residents used to meditate here for exploring one’s inner self. Founded by a  Belgium monk, who later got rechristened as Fr, Francis Acharya the ashram started its function in 1958. The monk was invited by the Bishop of Thiruvalla to India, presently being an abode for spiritual seekers.


Apart from the Ashram, there is cattle farm nearby where variegated cattle imported from jersey can be spotted. One can avail Kurisumala milk from the stores and which is the milk produced from cattle here. These dairy farms are managed by the monks here and the founders have imported these rare cows here. The livestock farm is the extension of the Indo-swiss farm at Munnar. earlier this was stated to fulfill the monk purposes but now it is available even at the stores in the locale. Tourists find an enchanting climb here and most of the honeymoon packages invited to Kerala are heading to the misty hill stations and Vagamon is a perfect place to behold the beauty of nature with your beloved in a serene ambiance. 

Apart from these religious pilgrims, travellers can head to visit the picturesque location of the hill towns like waterfalls and pine forest, an excellent place to indulge in serenity. The green meadows of Vagamon are famous for its beauty. 

Located at an altitude of 1100 m above the sea degree, this hill destination in Kerala become indexed in National Geographic Traveler’s listing of the ‘50 maximum attractive places to go to in India’. Vagamon is home to a number of the quality view factors that provide extraordinary views of the encircling pristine splendour together with memorable sundown views. The tranquillity sprinkled all over the location makes it a really perfect destination to partake in meditation looking for peace. Nevertheless, in case you are one among those who are searching-up for a few exhilaration, the valleys, hillocks, the dense forests and cascading waterfalls provide best of trekking possibilities.Welcome to Stunning Kerala tour packages from Delhi with your family and friends.




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