How to Enjoy in Kerala by Dream Holidays


Kerala is a lot of fun, no matter when you visit. The land and water bodies both offer ample scope for relaxation and adventure throughout the length and breadth of the state. There’s art, culture, craft, sports, entertainment, shopping, cuisine, and monuments to explore other than the landscapes. Tour packages in Kerala will be incomplete without exploring the beaches, backwaters and hill stations here. You can do all those and much more while you are enjoying your holidays. Monsoons offer a lot of adventure as well as pose some danger too. The seas get rough, backwaters and rivers have strong current and the hill stations become difficult to access. But in spite of these, if you manage to plan your Kerala holidays during the monsoon, it will be a great way to enjoy the beautiful state which gets much greener and fresh with the rains. The perfect time to visit Kerala is during Onam. The monsoons would have just receded leaving the state still quite fresh and green. Onam is a state festival celebrated by all Malayalis living in the state and even across the world. It is essentially a harvest festival, but the mythical story related to Onam binds the entire population together to join the celebration. But then it is only one of the ways you can enjoy the essence of Kerala. A great way, though! I can tell you at least 9 ways in which you can make your Kerala holiday packages the most memorable one. Here are some:


Celebrating Onam

onam kerala

The grand celebrations start 10 days before with the Athachamayam at Tripunithura in Kochi. The entire town joins hands to welcome Mahabali the noblest King Kerala had ever seen. The streets will be full of performers and spectators. The colourful cultural festivity will showcase the best of the art forms of Kerala as floats, musical ensembles, displays of art forms etc. Richly adorned elephants, artists dressed in Kathakali and Mohiniyattom attires, Kalarippayattu display, Kavadiyattom and many other colourful ensembles gather to celebrate. The next 10 days in Kerala would be very colourful with families preparing colourful flower carpets in front of the house to welcome Mahabali. On the 10th day, a grand feast is prepared in households. The tourists on Kerala honeymoon packages can enjoy this extravagant feast at the resorts they stay as everyone celebrates Onam in Kerala. People wear new clothes, visit the temple or church and gather at friends or families places to celebrate the arrival of King Mahabali. The ladies perform Thiruvathirakkali, children enjoy the swings made of coir and tree trunks and everyone rejoices the day with songs and celebrations. Tourists can witness this gala festival and also do a lot of shopping because this is the biggest season in Kerala for shopping and everywhere you will get good discounts or special offers.


Experience the Snake-boat race

snake boat

It is definitely an experience to watch out for. During Onam and just after the festivities, snake-boat races are conducted in many rivers and backwaters which attract a lot of local crowd and tourists on Kerala honeymoon from Delhi and other cities. Even though a wide range of traditional wooden boats participate in the races, the most popular ones are the long ones with the hood similar to a snake-hood. These boats will have around 125 rowers who are seated on either side and row their heart out to reach the first position in the race. There’s a lot of training and practice involved before the participants can actually get into a team. Kerala’s percussion and folk songs create a great ambience at the venue, encouraging the participants. Do not miss this amazing race while you are in Kerala.


Shop till you drop!

shopping kerala

What’s travelling without shopping, especially when you are on your Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi? Spices should be the first item on your list. Then the list goes on with amazingly fashionable clothes, jewellery, bags, precious jewellery, handicrafts made of wood, jute and ivory etc. But some of the rare to get things to buy from Kerala are the Nettippattom or the Elephant Jewelery that adorns the elephant’s forehead during auspicious festivals. They come in cheap plastics to precious metal. Ideally, it is made of an alloy with copper and iron and dipped in gold. It is meticulously handmade and the artist sometimes takes about a month to make a life-size one. The Aranmula mirror is another spectacular item you can get only in Kerala. It is completely made of a secret metal alloy without using glass. It is created traditionally by a family in Aranmula near Trivandrum and considered a very prestigious possession. Onavillu is a handcrafted wooden bow which has paintings of Hindu mythology on it. It comes in 2 sizes and is made traditionally by a few families in Trivandrum. The paints used are all vegetable dyes. Another item you can buy during your Kerala tour packages from Delhi are the brass lamps. Handcrafted lamps and utensils made of brass and bronze are available at Nadavarambu near Trissur. Enjoy street shopping and mall shopping while you are in Kerala.

Enjoy a houseboat cruise

houseboat kerala

Your Kerala holidays will stay incomplete without exploring the water ways of the state. Allepey, Kannur, Kasargode, Kozhikode, Trivandrum, Kochi, Kottayam and Kollam have some amazing houseboats on which you can enjoy the most tranquil moments of your life. Far away from the city’s crowded roads, you can enjoy the waterways of Kerala and the beautiful landscapes around. In Allepey, if you can travel in smaller wooden canoes, you can see people travelling, trading and even transporting goods through the narrow waterways like in the earlier days. Kerala still has an amazing network of waterways which are an integral part of tourism.

Try some fishing at Njarakkal Fish Farm, Kochi

fish farm

Njarakkal is a small town in the suburbs of Kochi city. It is a coastal area with beaches and backwaters. The fish farm is a perfect place to enjoy a day out on your Kerala packages from Delhi. Catch some fish, enjoy boating and savor some of the tastiest seafood delicacies fresh from the farm while you are here.

 Trekking and Camping


One side of Kerala is guarded by the gigantic Western Ghats. The mountains and valleys here make the perfect spot for holidays. During your Kerala packages to Idukki, Munnar, Thekkady, Ponmudi or Wayanad on the Western Ghats, you can venture out for trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing and even camping. These are some of the most scenic places you wouldn’t want to miss in Kerala. the weather will be quite pleasant and cool unless it is raining heavily.

Enjoy the wildlife


The Western Ghats come with some amazing rainforests that are home to some rare flora and fauna that keeps the ecosystem of the state balanced. Elephants, tigers, bison, deer, monkeys, bears and a variety of wild animals can be found in these lush forests. With prior permission from the forest authorities, you can enjoy a guided tour of the jungles for an enchanting experience to cherish.

Enjoy live performances of Kathakali, Mohiniyattom and Kalarippayattu


To complete your Kerala travel packages experience, you have to watch live performances of the traditional art forms of Kerala. Live performances of Kathakali and Mohiniyattom are usually arranged by the resort managers or tour managers upon request. Both are usually gentle and involve more of facial expressions and hand postures called Mudras. Kathakali, typically is performed in temples and depict stories from Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Mohiniyattom is more about romance and love. Even though Kathakali performance go beyond hours and sometimes even days, for the tourists smaller performances are choreographed so that they will be able to understand and enjoy them. Quite often, the foreigners who get interested in Kathakali come back to this sacred land to learn Kathakali at Kalamandalam, a prestigious institute where traditional art forms are taught adopting the ancient Gurukul method.

Relish the flavours of God’s Own Country

kerala food

Last, but not the least, you have to enjoy the typical traditional food of Kerala to complete your Kerala tours. Rice is the staple food but these days you can get a blend of all types of cuisines in the cities. Puttu – Kadala, Appam – Egg Curry, Pathiri – Beef curry, Dosa – Sambar, Idiyappom – Meat Curry etc. are some of the most popular breakfast dishes you get here. Try these when you are in Kerala. They are all healthy as the main dish is either steamed or dry-roasted. Lunch is typically the Kerala feast complete with 25 plus dishes or a miniature version of the same with a few lesser options. Seafood and non-vegetarian delicacies can be ordered along with the lunch. Traditionally, the people of Kerala used to have rice porridge with coconut chutney, lentils and pickle for dinner but now most of them prefer chapathi or roti because of health issues. The spices and coconut give a special flavour to Kerala’s most popular dishes.