Ultimate Bucket List for Your Kerala Holiday


Kerala- The God’s own country is full of panoramic views and breathtaking landscapes waiting to get explored. For any traveler, this place offer myriad of options to have some unique and vast experience. If you want to have a fully immersive experience with this state, then the best way to book some Incredible Kerala tour packages from Delhi or from any other major cities, which put forward a magnificent way to experience this God’s own kingdom with the help of some recognized tour operators like Dream Holidays. Most of the people who visit here probably take a backwater cruise of some rejuvenating Ayurveda spa treatments. But this vibrant state has a lot more to offer than that. Here are some amazing things to experience in Kerala to make your holidays a memorable one.

A Day with Elephants at Kodanad

A Day with Elephants at Kodanad.jpg
Imagine you bathing an elephant? Exciting? Well, you can experience that in Kodanad, one of the major elephant sanctuaries in Kerala. The place is located at a distance of 42 km from Cochin- the gateway to Kerala and offers the tourists exciting activities to indulge in. You can participate in Elephant bathing, elephant feeding, and safaris and watch some elegant baby elephants here. Elephants are trained here till they are properly trained for domestic use. You can witness the elephants taking the royal bath in the river nearby. This place easily Clubbed with your Kerala tour package, since it is located near Kochi- the gateway to Kerala.
Entry fee- INR 350 to INR 1500 per head

Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey backwaters

Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey backwaters.jpg
With the backwater tourism advancement, Alleppey is one among the top notch tourist places in Kerala and offers a refreshing retreat to the travelers, with serene backwater cruises, where you can experience the unexploited beauty of nature and enjoy some freshly prepared meals. This would be a perfect option for enjoying a family holiday. The houseboats can accommodate families, groups and provide you with all courses of meals, snacks, refreshing drinks and special dishes.
Tariff- INR 6000 to 12000

Witness the Neelakurinji Bloom

Witness the Neelakurinji Bloom.jpg
If you want to experience some once in a lifetime opportunities, then nothing would be ideal than this. The neelakurinji which is found in Munnar and only blooms once in 12 years, which is a fascinating view to hold in your memory forever. This flower is found vastly in the regions of Eravikulam national park mainly which is home to the endangered species of Nilgiri that. The place also offers a perfect spot for trekking. Since most of the Kerala tour package include the visit to Munnar, this would be a perfect pick to include in the bucket list of your ultimate Kerala trip.
Entry fee- INR 55 per adult
Closed on- February to March

Explore the rural life in Kerala

Explore the rural life in Kerala
Kerala is one among the best places to have an authentic rural life. There are many integrated tourism village spots here, which you can explore to get know the traditional customs and lifestyles. One of the best places to experience village life in Kerala along with your Kerala tour packages is Kumbalangi, where you can witness the local people performing paddy cultivation, and children playing at unending mangrove forests, the fishing nets, crab farming and so much more. There are many home stays also around the place, to gave the tourists a close to nature experience. This place is located at a distance of 14 km from the district of Ernakulam,

Enjoy some local cuisines

There are many wonderful places to experience the traditional cuisine of Kerala. But have you ever imagined of a floating dining restaurant with some authentic traditional delicacies? Then experience this at Veli tourist village, where you can indulge in some local cuisine while exploring the tranquil Veli lake. The floating bridge nearby is also another attraction to the tourists who visit here. This place is located at around 8 km from the city of Trivandrum.

Shikkara Rides in Alleppey

Shikkara Rides in Alleppey.jpg
Houseboat cruises in Alleppey are most famous for. But if you want to add some local touch to the luxurious backwater cruise, then go for the shikkara ride which will take your through those stunning backwaters at the cheapest rate. The place offers panoramic views of nature, palm tree lined paddy fields, village life and also a unique ecosystem and water birds and so on. A sikkara is basically a double Decker and you can take a 3 to 4-hour ride on this without burning your pocket.

Witness the alluring snake boat races

Witness the alluring snake boat races.jpg
The colorful snake boat races that are conducted during the monsoon time, is a unique attraction of Kerala. This alluring water-sport is one among the biggest such in the entire world. If you visit during the time of July to September that is during the onam festival, you can witness this alluring attraction. Hundreds of people visit Alleppey to witness this magnificent event.

Tree House Stays

Tree house in Kerala.jpg
This Is one of the best ways to feel close to nature. In most of the popular hill stations, you can experience the tree house stay and add more fun to your vacation. Most of the forest areas like Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady and Athirappilly offers this unique experience for the visitors. The tree house stays you would find in Athirappilli is one among the bets. In these places, you can also quench your adventure soul by participating g in trekking, rappelling, mountain climbing, rock climbing etc.
Tariff- INR 10000 and more.

Explore the spice plantations

If you want to take a spice tour while in Kerala head out to Munnar, Wayanad or Thekkady. These places offer amazing places to explore tea, coffee and cardamom plantations with panoramic views. Since old times, Kerala is well known for its spices like the authentic black pepper, cinnamon, card mom, vanilla etc. Most of these places have unique farms where you can go for nature walks and all. Most of the Kerala tour packages will include this kind of spice tours.
Entry fee- INR 200 and on wards

Explore coffee plantations in Wayanad

cofee plantations.jpg
If you want to savor some authentic coffee, then head out to Wayanad, the place where the cuppa Joe is made. A refreshing stay at the coffee plantation resort or some home stays will be a wonderful experience not to miss. You can also indulge in activities like trekking, night jungle safaris, bin fire, camping, nature walks and so much more here.
Tariff- INR 5000 per night

Kerala Rivers: The Uninhibited Flow Of Beauty


We all know each and every living thing in the world depends on water in many aspects.  We can’t  live  even a day without  water. The major resources of water is Rivers, Lakes, Rain, Streams etc. Kerala is the land of green and blues. The blue is due to the presence of Rivers, beaches, streams etc. We can visit all the 44 Rivers and the nearby tourist places  by selecting a suitable Kerala travel packages.  41 Rivers in Kerala are flowing towards west and the remaining three namely; Kabani, Bhavani, Pambar are flowing towards east. Rivers are the primary sources that supplies drinking water to several towns in Kerala and also they are the major contributors in the production of electricity.

Periyar River:


The longest river in Kerala is the the Periyar river- ‘The Lifeline Of Kerala’. The main tributaries of  Periyar is Edamala, Muthirapuzha, Cheruthoni, Mullayar, Perinjankutti. A lots of Industrial units are working near to the Periyar.  The largest hydro electric power project called Idukki Hydro Electric Project is established here. A well managed Kerala tour packages from Delhi  can help you to visit the longest  river and the nearby attractions like birth place of Sankaracharya- Kalady, Thattekadu Bird Sanctuary, Thekkady and lot more.

Bharathapuzha River:


Bharathapuzha – ‘The Nila river’, is the second longest river in Kerala. It is considered  as The Nile of Kerala , that’s why the name ‘Nila’. The major tributaries are Thuthapuzha, Gayathripuzha, Kalpathipuzha and Kannadipuzha. Malampuzha Dam, Wayalar Dam, Pothundi Dam, Chulliyar Dam etc are built across Bharathapuzha. Kerala Kalamandalam, birth place of Kunchan Nambiar- Killikurissi mangalam, Thiruvilwamala Temple, Thirunavaya Temple etc are the places nearer to this river and you can visit all  these place including the gorgeous river by choosing a reputed Kerala holiday packages. Thus we can enjoy the cultural heritage of Bharathapuzha awesomely.

Pamba River:


Pamba river also renowned as ‘Dhakshina Ganga’, is considered as the holy river of Hindu devotees. Pamba water purifies people from their curse and evil. Devotees without any religious consideration, bath in the holy river Pamba before hiking the famous Sabarimala temple. The well Known Edathua church is located on the banks of river Pamba in Kuttanad. Aranmula is a place which is entirely unique for its culture and beauty which is on the banks of Pamba. Aranmula is a place which is famous for the Aranmula mirror,  Aranmula ‘VallomKali’ and Aranmula ‘Vallom Sadya’.

Chaliyar River:

Fourth longest river in Kerala is the Chaliyar river which is renowned as “The Beypore river”. The river flows through Wayanad, Malappuram and Kozhikode district. It is said that Chaliyar river doesn’t get dried up during the drought season. Thusharagiri, Kakkayam, Beypore, Kallai river, Kalipoika, Mananchira square etc are the nearby places to visit while travelling to Chaliyar.

Chalakkudi River:


Chalakkudi river mainly flows through Ernakulam, Palakkad and Thrissur district of Kerala. Thousands of people living on the river side depends on the water from this river for their daily needs. The best time to visit Chalakkudi is December to March. Chalakkudi is blessed with its natural scenic beauty and refreshing climate. This river is on the way to Athirappally and Vazhachal water falls which are the famous tourist spots in Kerala. Dream world water theme park,  Thumboormuzhy check dam and garden, oil  palm plantation, Ezhattumukham, Charpa falls, Anakkayam, Peringalkoothu hydro electric project, Parambikulam wild life sanctuary etc are nearby places of Chalakkudi river.

Neyyar River:

Neyyar river starts flowing  from  Agastyamala of  Trivandrum district in Kerala. Neyyar dam is built across this river. Neyyar dam is one of the famous tourist spots in Trivandrum.  The major attraction of Neyyar dam is the Lion Safari park ,Crocodile Breeding Center, Deer park and the Watch tower. A well maintained garden and Swimming pools attracts childrens as well as all other peoples. The nearby Neyyar wild life sanctuary is a habitat of varieties of animals and birds,  Elephant , tiger , leopard, snakes etc. A thrilling tour packages in Kerala to Neyyar can be selected during September to May months which is the suitable visiting time.

Kallada River:

Boat Race ( Vallamkali 0r Jalolsavam ) on the Chaliyar River , Kerala

Kallada river is flowing through the Kollam district. Kulathupuzha , Chenthuruni, Kalthuruthipuzha are the tributaries of Kallada river. A hanging bridge and the Thenmala dam is built across this river. Thenmala is an eco tourism spot which is the first planned ecotourism project in India.  Palaruvi waterfalls is in this river where, a lots of visitors  come frequently. Kallada boat race is conducted in every year on this river.

If we need a break and to take rest, then surely sleep in the nature’s lap. The cool breeze, the green forest , the flowing water, the music of birds and the nature; everything gives a refreshment to your mind and body.

Handicrafts- Best example of Eco-Friendly Tourism Practice of Kerala


Kerala, the God’s own favorite nation is the land of scenic blend that allure the tourists from every nook and corner of the world. This nature’s paradise is also known for its unique culture and rich traditions. Kerala holds a rich tradition of Handicrafts. The traditional handicrafts of Kerala have a class of its own.  This unique handicraft is a part of the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant state. It is one the best example for the Eco-friendly tourism practices of Kerala. If you are a shopaholic and planning a trip to this God’s own kingdom, then this unique art and craft products are going to be very irresistible for you. Include some trip to the cultural villages with your Kerala tour packages from Delhi with Dream Holidays, to witness this extraordinary skills of the craftsmen of Kerala.  Most of these products are made of naturally available materials and the amazing talents of the craftsmen play an important role in its creation. You can see the rich cultural heritage of Kerala is depicted on these unique creations.

The artisans of Handicrafts of Kerala have traditional expertise in

  • Brass and Metal Works
  • Coir Products
  • Ivory Works
  • Carving in wood, jewelry design
  • Idols and Figures in Metal
  • Life Size Models of Kathakali
  • Models of Snake Boat Race
  • Idols of Nataraja
  • Various Lamps
  • Metal Crafts

Industrial arts and handicrafts play an important part of the cultural heritage of Kerala. Metal crafts are one of the most sought after among the traditional art and the Bell-metal crafting is an old time industrial art. It involves mainly two types of activities. The images of idols of the deities are made out of copper, bronze and brass are used for worship in the temples and for other religious purposes. Craftsmen also make huge carpus or multi-layered lamps and other household utensils out of these metals. These products are most demanded ones because of their high degree of perfection.



Lamps of unique artistic beauty are also made by Kerala craftsmen. The Greek lamp or Changalavatta, Archana lamp, Arati Dipa are the most famous ones.

Aranmula Mirror


It is one of the most famous art pieces of Kerala. This has attained famous among the products of the bell metal industry. It is made of copper and tin and resembles the glass mirror in every respect in point of usage.

Koftgari Work

Koftgari Work.jpg

It is one of the popular metal crafts of India. It is also being practiced by a few artisans in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. They make figures of deities, landscapes, floral designs and many fancy articles of many varieties in Koftagari work. This is one of the Main attraction of Kerala tour packages.


wood ccraft.jpg

It is another popular handicraft art piece in Kerala and it is testified to by the temples and churches of the State which abound in wood carvings. Netturpetti is one of the most exquisite one among them, sandalwood carvings are also very popular among them, including decorated boxes, candle stands, toys, Kathakali dance dolls etc.

Jewelry of Kerala


The traditional jewelry of Kerala is also famous for its aesthetic beauty and artistic perfection. Each community has some kind of typical ornament for them. The most famous ones are

Nagapadam or serpent hood– it is a typical ornament for some Hindu community and is so called because of the shape of its pendent.

Toda- It is an ear ornament and-and is in the shape of a double convex disc and can wear only after dilating the earlobes.

Mukuthi–  It is the ornament for the nose.

Kappu, Addyal, Yantram, Avil mala, Puli Nakham, Cherutali

Kasu mala, Oddyanam- Used by Brahmin community mostly.

Mekka Motiram– It is a kind of heavy guilt brass ring and is worn by the Christian women.

Granite carving

It is also a unique art of Handicrafts and mostly centers in Chengannur. The granite workers also make the variety of artifacts like idols, household equipment, pillars, survey stones etc.

Lacquer Ware


It is also one of the most popular ones among the handicrafts. Here the craftsmen perfectly combine the metal and wood.

Rice Straw Handicrafts

Rice Straw Handicrafts

it is unique art that is originated in Kerala. It is done by using the shade of rice straw to craft beautiful painting.

The craftsmen of Kerala also develop a diverse kind of handicrafts using the rich wealth of flora and fauna that Kerala is blessed with. This kind of handicrafts consist of

  • Screw pine mat
  • Pillow covers
  • Cushions
  • Vanity bags
  • Purses
  • Hats

Some of the unique materials used for making simplest handicrafts include-

  • Bamboo- the art of weaving bamboo-reed mat, baskets and fancy articles is one of the simplest of handicrafts.
  • Kora grass– it is also similarly used for making mats of different sizes and colors.
  • Rattan– it is used in the making of some utility and fancy artifacts.
  • Coconut shell– It is used for manufacturing articles of utility and beauty such as lamp stands, flower vases, ashtrays etc.
  • Coir– Carpets and made of coir are produced in many interesting designs and colors, which are most sought after among India and abroad.
  • Buffalo-born– The craftsmen who are engaged in ivory carving also use buffalo born for practicing their art.

Lace and embroidery work of high quality is done by many women in the different parts of Kerala. Talangara village in Kasargod is well famous for this textile marketing industry. The cotton caps that are manufactured here has a prestige market in foreign countries.

Ivory carving is another traditional art of Kerala. The ivory throne that is made by the legendary king of Kerala- Swati Tirunal is still preserved as a unique show piece. The craftsmen of ivory carving manufacture a variety of models of the famous mythological characters, animals, birds, cases etc.

Snake boat or locally known as Chundan vallam is one of the unique specimens that is made of ivory carving and is purchased by the tourists who visit here as a souvenir.

These handicrafts items are some unique and Eco-friendly products that well compliments the tourism industry in Kerala. These will be perfect for collecting as souvenirs for your friends and families during your trip to this wonderful land.

Famous Mosques in Kerala by Dream Holidays

Kerala is a very beautiful place in India having many tourism places, pilgrim centres. Coming to the point of mosques, it’s very important to note that the very first mosque of India was built in Kerala. Let’s go and explore some famous in Kerala.

Cheraman Juma masjid


It was the first ever Muslim worship place that is established in India which was built in Kodungaloor. It played a significant role in the history of Kerala. One of the interesting factors about this place is that it resembles a Hindu temple in appearance. It is the first mosque in India and the second in the world where Juma Prayers start to conduct.

History Behind

The interesting story behind this place is that Cheraman Perumal-the ancient king of Kodungalloor accepted Islam religion and traveled to Mecca and on his way back passed away. Later Malik Ibn Deenar, who had played a vital role in spreading Islam across the state, established this place according to the wishes of Cheraman Perumal. The mosque faces east, symbolically towards Mecca.

The place is now known as Cheraman Malik Nagar in the honor of the legends.

  • Location: Kodunagalloor, Thrissur Town
  • Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam
  • Nearest Airport: Cochin


Malik Ibn Deenar Mosque

  • Location: Thalankara, Kasargod


As the name indicates, it was established by malik Ibn Deenar around AD 642 in Kasargod District. The Mosque is built in typical Kerala traditional style and is best preserved and maintained.  The place has great historical importance and is a very popular place of worship.  People from nearby states like Karnataka also often visit this place.  The typical  Kerala architecture is one of the additional attraction and Many of the Arabic writings about malik Dinar is carved on the pillars.


Malik Din Deenar was the propagator of Islam in Kerala, and it is said that he and his twelve followers established this as the mission of propagating Islam in all other parts of the state.

Mampuram Mosque, Thirurangadi

Mampuram Mosque, Thiruangadi

It is located in Tiruangadi in Malappuram District and has significant importance with the historic freedom struggle against the British Rule which is popularly known as- Mappila lahala of 1921.


This place was one of the top mustering places for the rebels during Mappila Lahala, which was a part of Khilafat movement which led to the empowerment of the Muslim League.

This place is also famous for Mambram Makham, which was held yearly in the month of Muhram.

Thazhathangady Juma Masjid,

  • Location: Kottayam
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam(4 km)
  • Nearest Airport: Cochin(50 km)

Thazhathangady Juma Masjid

This ancient mosque that is located on the banks of the famous river Meencahil in Kottayam District is one of the oldest one, which is said to be 100 years old. It is part of the heritage sites in Kerala and you can visit it on Kerala tour packages from your city Delhi. Breaking the hundred years of tradition this place is now opened for women to have a look at the inside.

Odathil Palli

  • Location: Thalassery
  • Nearest railway station: Thalassery
  • Nearest airport: Calicut

Odathil Palli

It is one of the old surviving mosques in Thalassery and the architecture is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim as seen mostly with the traditional mosques.

It has become a tourist attraction and is still in use for worship.

Beema Palli

  • Location: Thiruvanathapuram

Beema Palli

It is established by the Muslim spiritual leader Zainudh Makhdum and known as the Mecca in Kerala. It was once a center for Islamic education and is a famous record in Malabar Manual by William Logan.

It is one of the prominent mosques in the capital city of Kerala. And there is an interesting story behind this. Hazratha Bee Amma or Beema Beevi who believed to belong to the family of legend Prophet Mohammed and known to have come here for the propagation of Islam.

There is a belief that the medicated water from the wells of this mosque is capable of curing any disease, where one wall contains hot water and the other cold.

Sheik Fariduddin Mosque

  • Location: Ernakulam
  • Nearest railway station: Mulanthuruthy railway station
  • Nearest airport: Cochin International airport

Sheik Fariduddin Mosque

It is a well-known mosque that is located in Ernakulam district and can easily reach by train or Cochin international airport. The place is dedicated to Sheik Fariduddin and is well famous for the religious ritual-Kodikuthu, which is the annual festival of Kanjiramattom, which draws a large number of tourists from all over.

Ponnani Juma Masjid

  • Location: Malappuram

Ponnani Juma Masjid

And after all these time much has been added and much has got removed from the architecture and style of the mosques, but the tradition remains rich, even the expression change.